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Web Hosting

While basic web hosting simply provides storage space for your website, at John Potter Media we know that web hosting can be so much more. All of our web hosting plans include a Control Panel so that you can manage all of the details of your website. The most user-friendly website management system available, it allows you to access a variety of tools to turn your website into a powerful business tool.

The control panel gives you some basic but important tools for managing your website.

  • File Management – Back up files, sort and manage folders
  • Email – Webmail, forwarding systems, customer communication
  • Domains – Park your page, add subdomains and add ons
  • Databases – MySQL & Admins

There are several benefits of using a web-based control panel instead of a console-based system. The web interface is user friendly, allowing even inexperienced users to customize their website and user experience. You can easily add email addresses, manage sub-domain names, and perform countless other tasks from any computer.

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Control panel hosting has several other benefits.

  • It’s dependable. Over the years it has become our go-to platform because it always works.
  • It’s easy to use. The navigation is intuitive and simple.
  • It has excellent features. There is a large selection available so that you can do all of the tasks you need.
  • It offers free migration from other platforms. It’s easy to upgrade your website from whatever you were using before.
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What are some of the most important features that you can look forward to?

  • Email – Create multiple accounts, use forwarding features, and autoresponders. You can use Apache SpamAssasin, user-level filtering, and email authentication to manage unwanted junk mail, and use mailing lists to get the word out to different groups of customers.
  • Security – IP address denials, password protected directories, SSL/TLS, and GnuPG key settings work together to restrict access and protect your data. Your site is secured with LEech Protect, HotLink Protection, and ModSecurity.
  • Domains – Parked, addon, and subdomains allow you to plan for growth and expand. Redirects can send visitors to the right page effortlessly. Simple and Advanced DNS Zone Editors identify your site.
  • Apps Galore – You can use a wide range of third party software. Use e-commerce applications such as inventory management, shopping carts, and payment processing. Guest books, blogs, bulletin boards, and comments encourage interaction and facilitate customer service. These and other extensions help turn your website into a dynamic and multi-functional business tool. Our system is ideally suited for a variety of formats, especially WordPress.
  • Files – Edit and back up files, manage folders, and monitor your disk space usage.
  • Databases – You can store large amounts of data, purchase histories, inventory records, and customer information. MySQL databases limit access.
  • Logs – Track your traffic as well as website performance using tools like AWStats and Webalizer.

When you look for a web hosting service, you want more than just storage space. John Potter Media can provide a wide range of services to turn your website into a dynamic business tool. Our menu of offerings will meet all of your internet marketing needs. If you’re ready for the most cost-effective web hosting for small and medium sized businesses, call us at 781-246-0210 and see what we can do for you!

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