Communication skills are at the heart of any business’s success or failure. Even in the Digital Age, customers and clients still have higher expectations for telephone communication which puts small businesses at a disadvantage when you have less personnel to work with. Here are five reasons why businesses should make customer and client communication a priority.

  1. Prompt Communication Builds Trust

For any businessman, time is critical when it comes to responding to clients or consumers. Not only will consumers be more likely to buy from a brand they trust, but they will also likely post feedback about your business online after a positive experience.

Clients will also expect prompt communication. A failure to respond to business associates may lead them to change vendors and provide negative referrals about you to other businesses which will be almost impossible to overcome.

  1. Quick Response Times Reduce Overhead Costs

The quicker you are at returning calls, the less work your employees will have to do since most angry clients and customers tend to call back, email, or repeatedly chat until a problem is taken care of satisfactorily. By implementing a system where you check messages and emails and return them, it will enhance communication response times.

  1. Customers And Clients Love Personal Attention

If you offer your clients and customers nothing but poor service, that is what your reputation will be known for in your industry. Customers and clients love personal attention since verbal communication and experience define first impressions. While you might be more worried about the cost of customer service, you should also calculate your losses from clients and customers who have negative customer service experiences.

  1. It Builds Customer Loyalty

According to research on customer care, seven out of ten consumers said they were satisfied with their current company product and services, but nearly nine out of ten said they would change providers without any reason at all. The more satisfied customers are with your company, the more likely they will be to buy your products or services again.

  1. It Boosts Retention And Sales

Did you know that nearly seven out of ten consumers report hanging up because there was no live agent available within a reasonable time? Not only will responding to customers quickly boost sales, but it will improve the amount of time your agents have available for other customers in the queue waiting to speak to company representatives.

Customer retention is also a critical component for small businesses. According to the Genesys Global Survey, it costs companies $338.5 billion worldwide in lost revenue from customers that are not satisfied with business practices, products, or procedures.

Good communication also builds your reputation. Even when you are not immediately available to speak to a customer, you should make it a habit to return calls as quickly as you can. Ignoring or putting off calling customers, clients, and even personal relationships will damage them beyond repair. It also leads others to take offense which will eventually affect your reputation. For more information on making communication a priority, visit my blog for more tips.