Create Keyword Specific Content

Our clients here at John Potter Media often ask why it’s so important to use keyword specific content to get good SEO results. In some ways the answer is simple. Keywords are how search engines know what your website is about. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. When you look a little deeper, there is much more to it than that.

In the early days of the internet, search engines just looked for keywords. Occasionally you would run across pages with long strings of random words. This was what passed for “content” in those days.

Today search engines are much more sophisticated. They look at several different things when determining the order to display websites. Keywords are still an important part of the algorithm, but they also look at the amount of content on a page, the quality of the content, and statistics like how often pages are viewed, shared, and linked to on other sites.

The content on your website is what determines all of these factors. If you are offering quality content, then people are going to read it, share it, and link to it on their own blogs or websites. So what makes quality content? That can depend on our business. If you are selling a product, then engaging and keyword-rich product descriptions are important. You can also include articles about new products and things happening in the news that affect your industry. Information about your company, local interest pieces, and a company blog are all considered “content.”

Good web content generally is 450-500 words long, although it can be longer if the content merits it. Your keywords should appear 2-3 times on the page. The days of “keyword stuffing” are long gone, when some people claimed your keywords should
be 5-10% of the text. The goal is for quality information that uses the keywords and phrases naturally.

The next question is usually “What exactly is keyword specific content?” Content that makes good use of keywords uses brand names, city names, adjectives, and carefully chosen strings of words to pinpoint web searches that are looking for exactly what
they offer. For example, if you search for the word “plumber” on Google it comes back with over 215 million hits. “Shower installation” returns Over 33 million results. However, the phrase “shower installation Guntersville Alabama” returns 44,000. A local plumber that specializes in fixture installation is going to have much better results using that as a keyword than the more vague terms.

The rapidly evolving world of internet marketing can be tough to navigate if you’re inexperienced. For a business owner, there is rarely time to sit down and learn everything you need to know to develop an effective marketing plan, create a steady stream of quality content, stay on top of new developments, and track keyword trends to take advantage of of them. The experts at John Potter Media are experts at keeping your internet presence at the cutting edge without breaking the bank. Let our team
work with you to create the best plan to meet your needs.

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