Does My Business Really Need a Website

For nearly every business owner, the answer is “definitely!” A few people might be able to do without one. In today’s climate, very few businesses can be successful without at least a basic website. Whether they are looking to make a purchase, ask a question, or hire someone to perform a service, most people start their search on the internet.

For most companies, the goal is to grow and expand, or at the very least keep business steady. They can nearly all benefit from a quality website. There are some people, however, who really don’t need one. What are some signs that you don’t really need a website?

  • Your customers base is all local.
  • You don’t want to grow the business, and may even want it to slow down.
  • You don’t use email or social media to communicate with customers.
  • Your customers rarely have questions about your product or service.

If these describe you, then a website might not be necessary. For most businesses, however, a website is essential for success.

To understand why a website is so necessary, you need to understand what it can do for your business. Your website serves three major functions:

  • Bring in customers.
  • Communicate with the public.
  • Help keep your business running smoothly.

Bringing in Customers

The internet is your best source of customers for almost every industry. Your existing customers use social media to tell others about your product and service. Potential customers use search engines to find reviews and product information. Most shoppers look online before making a purchase, whether it is to find an online seller or to look up a store address. A well-managed website can ensure that you are one of the first businesses they see when searching for important keywords.


Your website is one of the easiest ways to communicate with both past and future customers. You can advertise specials and new products. Acknowledge holidays and important local events. Share information about what’s happening with your staff, such as important life events or professional certifications. Your website can also serve as the hub for emailing customers and getting feedback on your business.

Managing Your Business

There are countless ways the a good website makes every aspect of your business run more smoothly. If you sell a product, online sales are a great way to boost your bottom line with little effort. Automated inventory functions make it easy for you to know when to restock, or for customers to know what’s available in the store. Depending on your industry, you might use the website for people to contact customer service, schedule appointments, make purchases, find out more information about your products or business, or ask questions. Features like an FAQ page, social media links, and comments area can turn your website into a great customer service outlet.

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