Does your website produce quality leads? How many people call you from viewing your website?  How many inquiries come through your website every month?

These are all questions small business owners have asked from time to time, but rarely know the answer.  If you are one of these owners, then read on to discover how you can make your website work with you, rather than against you.

First, take a look at your current website.  Is it mobile ready, how does it appear on PC’s, phones, and tablets?  Your website needs to adapt to any kind of device for optimal user experience.  If a user has trouble navigating your website, they’ll be quick to leave and your competition will benefit.

Professional web design and appearance aside, how does your website perform?  The most frustrating part of a website is when it seems to just sit there in the vast expanse of the internet and doesn’t help your business grow.

Your website should be helping you.  You can use it to produce new leads, market your business, engage current clients, and entice new customers.  No matter how large or small your business, a solid online marketing plan can help you achieve your sales goals.

Here are a few of the great benefits you’ll see with a concise online marketing plan.

  • Brand awareness: Consistent content keeps your brand fresh in your audience’s mind.  Blogging, advertising, emails, and new content engage consumers.  When they need your services or products, you’ll be the first name they’ll call.
  • More visitors: Content rich in keywords drive people to your website and increase your potential leads.  Generate more visitors to your site with a professionally designed website, calls to action, social media, and advertisements.
  • Target audience: Online marketing and analytics can help you target a segment of the population for the greatest leads.  Pay per click advertising, email campaigns, and keyword research increases visitors and leads.
  • On-demand marketing: Online marketing is fast.  Need to drive sales? Post a discount or highlight a service you’d like to promote.  Consumers like, share, and repost when they trust a brand and have a good customer experience.
  • Gain insight: Understanding the analytics of your website is crucial.  Analytics can tell you what content engaged users the most, how many people visited your website, and which visitors are true leads.

Often business owners don’t have the time to navigate the numbers and analytics, let alone write and post new content on their website.  This is where John Potter Media comes in.  Let us help you achieve all the great benefits associated with a great online marketing plan.  You’ll see more visitors to your site and an increase in revenue.

Call John Potter Media at 978-808-3428 to see how we can help you with a strong foundation for your online marketing plan.  Learn more about the solutions and services that help you accomplish your business goals by visiting our Facebook page at