Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important tool for small businesses. It opens up a way to connect with people who you have done business with, those who have visited your website, and others that you have made connections with. There are many different ways that you can use email to benefit your business.

Some of our clients here at John Potter Media have asked us “What can you do with email marketing?” The answer is pretty much anything that you can do using social media, paper, television, or other marketing methods.

Email is a great way to share coupons and deals. If you’re offering a discount on a new product, having a sale for an upcoming holiday event, or running any kind of special offer, email can spread the word. It’s also a great way to share information about new products or services that you are adding to your lineup. You might get business from past customers, or bring new customers who weren’t able to find what they wanted from you before.

Another good way to use email marketing is to follow up after a sale. You can ask for feedback, suggest that customers leave a review on sites like Yelp or Amazon, or simply thank them for doing business with you. You can also use email for communications about purchases. Most businesses with an online store will send an order confirmation email. You can also send reminders about items left in an online shopping cart, shipping information, and expected delivery date. After a sale, you might share information on recalls or other important information.

What makes email different from other marketing methods? Email has several qualities that make it ideal, especially for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

  • Email can be accessed from anywhere. Your customers are using their phones and mobile devices to check their email as often, if not more, as they are using traditional computers. Email gets to people fast.
  • Email marketing can be very inexpensive. You can write most basic emails yourself, of you might hire a professional writer to create them. However, once you have them, you don’t have to keep producing new ones very often.
  • Email is easy to personalize. You automatically insert the name of the recipient, the name of the town they are located in, and other information. You can segment your database so that different messages go out to different portions of your list.
  • With email marketing, it is easy to track how it performs. You can see how many people actually opened the email and what links they are clicking on within it. You can send several different emails and see which are more effective.

Many companies today are focusing on social media. There are a lot of ways that social media can be beneficial for a small business, but it has limits. Many companies invested heavily into MySpace as a marketing platform and they learned the hard way. Social media trends come and go. Your audience might leave for a new social media trend, but they will still check their email.

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