Email Newsletters Help You Stay In Touch With Customers And Referrals

Stay in Touch

You use email to conduct business, to email your suppliers, and to send an invoice or inquiry.  Are you also using email to keep in touch with your current customers?  How do you promote yourself, your business, and your investment?  How is your business going to grow?

At John Potter Media, we see email as a way to grow your business and to let your customers know what you are up to.  We are passionate about helping you increase your revenue and want to offer 5 reasons why email marketing and newsletters matter.

  1. Reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Most likely, your customers have a smartphone.  They do business on the go and so should you.  When you keep your customers informed with informational newsletters, you increase the chance of them doing business with you.
  2. They come to expect it. Weekly or monthly emails are a great way to share with your customers what you are doing.  Promote your business with helpful topics of interest or throw in a coupon.  Your customers will start to expect to hear from you and will remember your business when they have a need for your services.
  3. A personal touch. Emails can be customized to include your customers name if you should so choose.  A personal touch is appreciated by every person on this planet and they will appreciate the effort which can reflect in your net sales.
  4. Little additional cost. Email marketing is an inexpensive way to market your business.  While some may say that email is dead, that the population is leaning towards texting more; texts cost both you and your customer.  Additionally, the texts tend to get deleted more frequently than emails.
  5. Build your business. Email should never be spam.  Instead, use your email as a thoroughfare to supply information thoughtfully crafted in order to build brand loyalty.  It can be sent to current customers or prospective customers.

When you choose your words and topics wisely, you will help build brand awareness for yourself and you’ll open up a new avenue to your customers.  Emails will build your referral business as well if you’ve built up your customers’ trust.

Our years of experience in the online marketing industry have taught us the importance of staying in touch with customers and the monetary results that come from a well-documented newsletter.  Keep your clientele in the know and enjoy your business as it grows.

At John Potter Media, we can help you build the right message to convey as well as suggest ways in which to build your email base.  Call us at 978-808-3428 or visit our Facebook page at to learn more about our online marketing and email solutions.  We look forward to helping you exceed your revenue goals through online visibility.