Facilitate Growth Through Facebook Marketing

An advertising campaign for one business involving direct mailers and print ads may work for some businesses, but in the age of social media, it is important to explore how print and online marketing techniques work best for you.

Your business is unique in that it is yours.  Sure, you have competitors, but it is how you define your capabilities and services and products that sets you apart.  At John Potter Media, we love the graphic design components that go into a professional print ad campaign- be it mailers, flyers, or brochures.  We bring that experience and success into the social media platforms in order to showcase your talents and grow your revenue.

Here are a few ways that a specialized Facebook marketing plan can set you apart from your competition and build your brand online.

  1. A well thought out Facebook campaign lets you promote your brand in a professional manner while growing your network of potential clients.
  2. Consumers are more likely to choose a company they’ve seen in front of them than others. A Facebook message delivers relevant content to their daily feed and builds brand awareness.
  3. Smart content is key. Build a loyal following by offering content rich in quality.  Don’t waste your customer’s time by posting information that doesn’t succinctly promote what you offer.
  4. Marketing on social media sites keeps your company fresh in consumers’ minds. When they need your products or services, they’ll remember you first.
  5. Mailers and social media ads can target specific demographics. However, more specific segmentation advertising can be accomplished via social media.
  6. Junk mail gets tossed out but Facebook posts are easily at potential customers’ fingertips and just a click away.
  7. Send your message in real time to promote your business. Want to host a pop-up sale or focus on a particular service for the season?  Facebook advertising has immediate results.
  8. Design a strategy that corresponds with your business. Schedule out ads so your marketing plan is always working for you, even when you’re too busy.
  9. Consumers engage online better with social media than with print material. Post a call to action to deliver revenue results that increase revenue and grow your customer base.

The exponential increase of posts as your message gets shared and liked and tweeted is incomparable to that of what print advertising can achieve.  Let John Potter Media construct a strategic Facebook marketing plan that will surpass your expectations.  Get in front of your customers and drive business with a professionally designed Facebook advertising and marketing solution.

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