Why a Good Web Design Matters for BusinessHaving a website alone isn’t enough to make it successful. The design of your website is a crucial element to its success and should not be overlooked. A good web design can enhance your website’s professional appearance, giving potential clients a solid first impression of your business. Complicated graphics or coding aren’t nearly as important as aiming to create a client-friendly site. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a good design. Instead, you just need to follow some basic principles.

Creates a Positive Visitor Experience

Any good web design focuses on an optimal user experience. A flashy appearance isn’t impressive if it makes your website more difficult to use. A good design is intuitive and is created by considering the needs of your visitors. The individual elements come together to create a positive experience that is easy on the eyes, and inspires a good feeling about your business or brand.

Inspires Trust in the Potential Clients

With so many websites providing false information, having a professional web design can inspire confidence. This is an important part of building trust between your potential clients and your business. You want them to take what you have to say at face value, and that is more likely to happen with a modern, well-crafted design. An overly-complicated layout, slow load times, or large or annoying advertisements can make your visitors suspicious of the intentions of your business and may turn them away.

Makes Information Readily Available

Most people who visit your website are searching for specific information, like contact info or hours of operation. A client-centric design focuses on making that information easily accessible. Navigation should be straightforward and take the visitor to different areas of the site quickly without hassle. Your website should be built around the navigation system, instead of the other way around. Each section should be independent and organized in a way that makes sense.

Gives a Professional Appearance

A good web design can set you apart from other local businesses in the same industry. A professional appearance is as much about the small details as the larger ones. For example, plenty of space in between elements prevents a crowded feeling. Continuity between the color scheme of your website and social media themes can create a cohesive, professional touch and solidify your business or brand in the visitor’s mind.

An outdated or amateurish website gives your potential clients a bad first impression of your company. This can lose you potential customers and may even cause negative word of mouth.

Elements of Quality Web Design
• Easy on the eyes
• Uncluttered, lots of white space
• High-quality images
• Use of an attractive color scheme
• Navigation is intuitive and easy to use
• Calls-to-action on every post

Creating a positive visitor experience, making information easy to access and navigate, and focusing on incorporating positive design elements can give your website a professional appearance without a high price tag. A good website design is your first step to building a solid online presence and keeps your customers coming back.

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