With a little more than 100 days left until the holidays, now is the time to start pondering how to best reach potential customers.  If you are selling products this can be as easy as posting sale announcements online and promoting your brand.  But what do you do if you offer services such as plumbing, contracting, electrical work, landscaping, and other similar categories.

You don’t have to sell an object to utilize the great capabilities of the World Wide Web.  Sales growth can be achieved for any industry through online marketing.  The key is to know how to do it.  At John Potter Media, we specialize in getting your business found online.  So how do we do it?

  1. First we design a professional site. This is the first impression a consumer has of your business so it needs to stand out and look amazing.  With over 90% of customers using the internet to find you, your website should convey professionalism, be informative, and react compatibly to any device.
  2. Next, we develop a marketing plan specific to your business. Who are your ideal customers?  What services do they need?  How can you help them?  Why are you the best at what you do?  Combining all of these answers helps create a unique plan that markets your business online.   When done right, you’ll generate more leads and convert more leads to sales.
  3. Stay relevant and ready. Your website is a 24/7 sales person.  It is the always on, always accessible way to reach consumers night and day.  When you website is optimized to its fullest you can expect an increase in visitors to your pages.  Provide relevant, up-to-date content that promotes your brand and serves a purpose.
  4. Target growth with Facebook marketing campaigns, pay per click advertising, and online marketing via emails and blogs to deliver your message to clients.
  5. Never ignore the potential of the internet. Social media, instant information, and customer reviews all grow your visibility.  How you react and respond online builds your reputation and influences how customers will interact with you.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients.  If you are ready to get found online and want to grow your business through online marketing, give us a call.  We’ll align a solution with your business goals and help you increase your revenue.  We offer services such as web design, web hosting, SEO, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing in order to give you a vast array of solutions.  Together, we’ll tailor a solution perfect for you company.

Call us at John Potter Media to schedule an appointment at 978-808-3428 and get your business found online.  Learn more about our services by visiting our Facebook page at