Grow Your Small Business With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element in making sure your website is visible. Without SEO, it’s difficult to rank high in Google’s search results, thereby making it harder for potential customers to find your business. Because SEO is so important, of course, there is no shortage of opinions on what you should do. Unfortunately, some of this advice includes outdated or unscrupulous techniques. While it may be tempting to use some of these techniques, the risks outweigh the benefits as they can lead to Google lowering your search ranking or blacklisting your website altogether. In the end, they’re not sustainable because the traffic they do bring in is artificial.

Why search engine optimization is so important.

For your business to rank on Google and other search engines, especially in the beginning, you need to create ways for it to find you. You do this by utilizing strategies that allow Google to see what your business offers, the industry that it’s a part of, and that your website offers value to your visitors.

Stay away from black hat SEO techniques.

Years ago, when web developers were just starting to understand the power of SEO, certain techniques that are frowned upon now were considered highly effective. This allowed anyone who could play the SEO game to boost their search engine rankings, even if they had a poor quality website. This led to Google realizing that they needed to make changes to preserve the integrity and quality of their search results. These so-called “black hat” techniques are still used by some websites today, but they are frowned upon by Google and will decrease your rankings over time—the exact opposite of your desired result.

Black Hat Techniques You Should Avoid:

  • Paying for traffic
  • Link-swapping
  • Deceitful tactics
  • Using unrelated keywords/keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text or tiny text
  • Spam blogs
  • Comment spamming other websites

Focus on using white hat SEO techniques.

White hat SEO techniques are those that aim to appeal to real people that are reading your website instead of checking off boxes to satisfy a search engine checklist. They are also techniques that are fully approved by Google’s terms of service, so you won’t risk any penalties. By using white hat SEO techniques, you’re taking into consideration how to best serve your visitors.

White Hat Techniques Include:

  • Providing quality, original content
  • Response, mobile friendly design
  • Quality description in meta tags
  • Straightforward navigation
  • Using appropriate groups of keywords that are relevant to your content

White hat techniques take more time and effort to implement, but the payoff is worth it in the long run as Google sees your organic growth. These techniques have the benefit of increasing your visitor’s trust in the integrity of your business and your services.

Additional SEO Optimization Tips

Be sure to stay on top of the latest developments in SEO, especially with every Google update. With so many people competing for visibility online, your website’s SEO strategy needs to remain fluid and adaptable. By focusing on the user experience and always committing to providing quality content, you’re establishing a solid online foundation that will carry you through the inevitable changes and growth of the digital world.

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