Having a professional website design is a crucial element for a successful business as more and more customers rely on the internet to make their purchasing decisions and spend their money. However, some business owners worry about the expense or potential hassle of hiring a designer. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the amount of options available. In this article we’ll discuss why for many businesses the best choice is to hire a local designer.

It’s important to make sure you choose the right designer for your website, as your website’s design is its backbone. Think of your website as the digital storefront of your business; what seems more appealing: a well-lit display window and flowers on the door or a grungy, dimly-lit place with litter on the steps?

Resist the temptation to use an automated web design tool.

Website design programs on sites like WIX or Weebly may be tempting, especially if you’re only just beginning to develop the online arm of your business or have a low budget. However, it’s best to steer clear. While these programs are a good tool for personal websites, they have several downsides that make them a poor choice for business websites.

The downsides of using an automated design tool include:

  • Limited customization and control of content placement
  • Website looks just like everyone else’s
  • Creative limitations
  • Usually don’t allow for extras such as video, widgets, and code
  • Most of the available templates are unprofessional

A local designer can take a real hands-on approach.

With a local designer, instead of having to rely on pictures or your description of your business, you can meet up in person and really talk to them about what your goals are for your website. They can often physically come to your business, take pictures, and get a true feel for your services or products. It’s far more difficult for a web design firm across the globe to give your website this kind of personal attention. Many large web design companies and freelancers have large client bases and therefore can’t afford to spend extra time learning individual client’s desires and needs.

You want someone who will listen to your vision and goals for your website, and bring their own creative input and ideas to the project. A designer you can partner with over the long term, as updates will require you utilize their services repeatedly. By speaking in person, it can be easier to discuss what you want and follow through on making it happen. To a local designer, you aren’t just a faceless client but a real person whose desires and goals should be respected.

Interview prospective clients to find a good match.

It’s important to search around and interview several different prospective candidates, just like you would for any hiring situation. Consider each individual’s approach, portfolio, rates, and their experience with design and staples like WordPress. You want someone with experience in crafting a mobile-friendly website and who is up-to-date on the latest design and SEO advice. Always talk to each candidate about their suggestions for your website and try to get a feel for developing a professional relationship that fits.

Don’t assume someone is automatically a poor choice if they don’t have years of experience. Many talented, creative designers who are just starting out often offer great rates as they’re trying to build up a name for themselves.

Considering all of the benefits to hiring a local designer, it’s the smart choice for most businesses. In the end, you’re also supporting a local business like your own. If you want to make the most of the design process and be rewarded with a website that meets or exceeds your expectations, hiring a local designer is the way to go.

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