Is Direct Mail Dead?

Do you open your mail over the trash so it’s easy to throw out the junk mail? Many people do the exact same thing day after day giving direct mail less than a second before tossing it in the trash. If you have an ad inside one of the flyers or a postcard do you even have a chance of reaching residents?

Years ago, businesses had to advertise in the Yellowpages to reach people in their local communities. You would design the ad, add your contact info and pay for the year and you were all set. People who needed your service new where to look and they would call you directly from those ads, sometimes from a rotary dial phone. Some families would hold onto those old Yellowpages for 10-20 years. Local phone books have basically died since the internet changed the way we all communicate and find information and I believe direct mail is on its last breath as well.

For the amount of money, it takes to design professional ads, print the marketing materials and then pay for postage to thousands of homes is it really worth it anymore? Especially since so much of our daily mail is “junk mail” how often are people viewing our small business direct mail ads? Not nearly enough.

At John Potter Media we help local companies grow their business online and one of the ways we do that is through Facebook Advertising. I believe Facebook is a more effective way to reach local residents with our services and products than using direct mail. With Facebook Ads you can display your ad to the very same local residents you target with direct mail but it’s a lot less intrusive way to get your message out there. About 2 Billion people are using Facebook regularly now and that includes most Americans. People are spending more time on Facebook than they are watching tv. Shouldn’t you be advertising where your customers are spending most of their time?

With Facebook Ads you can target the audience you want to market to and leave out the people you don’t want. You select the audience you want to advertise to in the towns you want to work in. You can choose an individuals gender, age, behaviors and interests. You can advertise to people who have liked your competitors page or create a custom audience from all the emails in your list. And once you find the right audience you can create “Lookalike” audiences to expand and scale your audience. Its truly amazing just how many ways you can choose to advertise on Facebook.

If you are tired of wasting money on direct mail and you’re interested in reaching people who truly want what you are selling give us a call at 978-808-3428 to discuss how Facebook Ads can help you.