A mobile website is specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Today many people surf the web using their iPhone or Ipad and when they view your website it may look dramatically different than how it appears on a standard computer.

By adding some code to your start page you can direct a mobile user to a different version of your site made just for them. You can design an entirely new site just for mobile users or simply have a couple pages available with information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Most mobile devices do not display flash animation or video correctly. Keep this in mind when you consider mobile visitors to your site. A few devices are starting to incorporate Flash into their browsers but its still not 100% effective.

I use a plugin on the WordPress platform to generate mobile webpages and websites. The plugin is called WP-Touch and can be found at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wptouch/. WP-Touch is a free plugin for WordPress which automatically generates a mobile version of a webpage making it easier to view on smartphones and tablets. You can also customize your mobile homepage for those visitors within the WP-Touch admin panel.

As more and more people use the internet on their mobile devices it becomes increasingly more important to design content for those visitors. Call us today for a free estimate on converting your website into a mobile ready site at 978-808-3428.