Sure, there are other search engines. But over the last decade, Google has built itself up to be the most frequently used and relied upon search engine in the world. It’s a household name for most people and that trend is only going to continue. So really, when we say “search engine optimization,” at this point we mean “Google optimization.” It’s crucial to optimize your website for Google to be found by people searching for your services or products.

The old motto was to post fast and furious.

There was a time not so long ago when the top advice for search engine optimization was to post as often as possible. The quality of that content wasn’t necessarily as important as the speed at which you were producing it. This was the time when so-called “black hat” SEO practices like keyword stuffing and deceptive links were all the rage. However, this led to low-quality web sites gaming their way to the top of the search rankings.

Now content is king for search engines and social media.

Times have changed, and Google has had several updates in the last few years that have made their process for ranking websites stricter. Now to not only rank well but maintain that ranking, it’s imperative for websites to publish fresh, quality content for their visitors on a regular basis. Even social media platforms, especially Facebook, have recently come out and declared that the most important factor for a website to gain visibility is their ability to produce quality, engaging content.

More content doesn’t mean better.

So how do you determine what qualifies as quality content for your particular web site? No matter the topic, quality content is that which provides unique value to your readers, whether that be informing them, helping them out with a problem, or entertaining them. It should also be related to and supports the goal of your website, no matter the area of your business. For example, if your business involves garage door repair, your clients are probably homeowners. So you could provide them with useful information not only pertaining to their garages, but other homeowner concerns.

Frequency is still important.

While posting often no longer holds the power it once did, it’s still imperative to keep content flowing regularly. It’s important to draft up a posting schedule for your business that is both manageable and flexible. You want to stay visible to your client base, which means posting at least once a week for most websites. Whatever rate you can continue posting content while maintaining quality is a good starting point.

When drafting a post, ask yourself a few questions. Who is my target audience and does this fit with what they’re looking for? Does this solve a problem for them or otherwise provide value? Another question you can ask yourself is whether you see people sharing your post via social media, and make that easy for them by providing the appropriate links.

By following these basic tips when crafting content, Google will begin to see your website as worthy of high search rankings. Your customer loyalty will also grow over time as they find your website beneficial. To help you develop your content strategy, contact John Potter Media today at 978-808-3428. We can assist you in boosting your SEO and search ranking. You can also check us out on Facebook for more useful strategies to help face today’s digital jungle at