What is a keyword website?

A keyword website is a website that is specifically targeted to a certain keyword. Usually we setup keyword websites for longer keywords that are less competitive than shorter more general keywords. This improves our chances of getting on page 1 of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By getting on page 1 of Google you will get more traffic to your website because most people do not search past the initial page 1 results.

An example would be the keyword “car insurance”. Car Insurance is one of the most popular keywords on the internet and a lot of large insurance companies compete for that keyword. You’ll notice Allstate Insurance, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive are a few of the primary advertisers at the top of the results page. They are paying Google an average of $37.00 per click for top placement. These same companies have optimized their websites for the “car insurance” keyword and have developed hundreds and thousands of back links to their pages. They have social network campaigns, email campaigns and even television and radio ads all trying to get you to those “car insurance” web pages.

If we do a search on the general keyword “car insurance” we get back about 471,000,000 results on Google. If we add “Boston” to the keyword and search “car insurance boston” we get back about 30,700,000 results. This longer keyword has about 6.5% of the amount of results as the more popular general keyword. You will notice that the big companies like Liberty Mutual still have the top spots but smaller insurance companies and insurance agents start to show up in the search results. The chances of getting on page 1 of Google for “car insurance boston” are significantly greater than being able to crack the first page for “car insurance”.

If we change up the city name and try “car insurance Woburn” we find about 279,000 results. The top advertisers are still Liberty Mutual, Allstate and Amica Insurance but you will notice that the big insurance companies are nowhere to be found in the regular or organic search results below. They simply have not optimized their websites for the smaller cities. We find local insurance agents throughout the first page and a few yellow pages listings. This keyword is much less competitive and could provide a quicker return on investment if we set up a site for “car insurance woburn”.

This strategy can work for just about any keyword you target. There are thousands of variations available and some of the longer keywords are still available as .com domains. Having an exact match keyword domain and unique content about your keyword will certainly help you get to the first page of Google search results. If you mix in some back links from social networks, bookmarks and some web 2.0 properties you could be getting free organic traffic to your site in about a month.

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Keyword Websites can include the following features

Unique Domain Name
Web hosting
Email address
An About page describing you or your business
Product or Services page describing your products and services
Contact page with contact form for people to request more info
Privacy page
Sitemap page
5 articles of unique content about your niche
Your company logo
Your business contact info clearly displayed
A targeted SEO keyword campaign to generate back links to your site
Site indexed by major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing
Rss feed set up for your site on Feedburner
60 Social network and book mark links back to your site
100 Links back to your site from article directories
1 Press release about your new site
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