Why Local Businesses Need a Professional Website
A professional website is a must for anyone who is serious about their small business. Your potential clients probably spend a good portion of their time online. Most households are increasingly bringing their business online, even just in the form of searching for information and comparing reviews of places and products. Your business website needs to appear professional to provide the optimal customer experience and increase their trust in your company.

To Accomplish Your Online Goals

It’s important when you are beginning to establish your online presence to set goals for your business website and plan how to get there in an organized way. A professional website can act as a solid home base from which to build your web presence, giving you a secure start no matter what trends happen in social media.

To Increase Your Credibility

All major corporations spend millions of dollars on social media campaigns and websites. You don’t have to have an extensive budget to benefit, however. A solid web presence will greatly increase the appearance of credibility with your customer base. It will encourage their trust in on your company, and can set you apart from your competitors. If your information is presented in an easy-to-navigate way without a tacky, outdated layout or spammy touches, your website and its content will seem more legitimate to the visitor, building confidence and increasing the likelihood they’ll bring their business to you.

To Act as a Showcase

A professional website can present a showcase of your company’s products and services, a useful tool to give your potential customers a good idea of what your business can do to meet their needs. You can explain what services you provide or show images of your products or location. Even if you don’t offer e-commerce, presenting a showcase acts like a digital brochure to draw potential clients in.

To Increase Search Engine Visibility

Search engine optimization is a major factor to the success of your website. A strong online presence comprised of both a website and social media can boost your ranking with search engines like Google. The more visibility you have, especially targeted visibility, the more than can translate into sales. Without visibility, your website can be buried under similar results and passed over by potential clients.

To Convert Traffic into Action

Your main goal with any online business venture is to be able to convert traffic into action, mostly in the form of sales. Other helpful actions, such as newsletter or loyalty program sign-ups, can be equally as valuable in the long term. Each element of your website can subtly encourage this positive behavior. The more professional and polished your website looks to potential customers, the more likely they are to respond to calls to action.

How to Make Your Website Look More Professional

• Use large, high-resolution images
• Use cohesive, easy to read fonts
• Keep navigation simple
• Avoid excessive/annoying advertisements
• Avoid pop-ups
• Links to citations, if needed

A professional website is the basis to build an online presence, which is crucial for any business that is serious about its future. Don’t be afraid to consider hiring a professional designer if you feel that it’s necessary, as the difference between a professional website and an amateur one could make or break your online identity.

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