Online Marketing Success – Step Five: Set up Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s) Tracking Tools

This week our John Potter Media’s 10-part series of Online Marketing Success focuses on setting up tracking tools to manage your online result ranks.  These articles are designed to guide the small business owner through their own marketing plan.  Consider it an inside look at the steps John Potter Media takes with all of our clients.  Take control of your own online marketing, or leave the work to our experts so you can spend more time managing other aspects of your company.

To begin, we’ll start with the basics:  What is

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is ‘Where do I rank?’  Of all the tools available to maximize your online impact, a tracking tool may be the most important.  At John Potter Media we use Pro Rank Tracker ( to view our clients’ rankings.

Pro Rank Tracker is an online tool that shows your website rankings among search results.  The Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) are the results that pop up when an internet user performs a query.  The keyword string used delivers website recommendations, in a ranked order, as a result of that search.  Where you fall in the ranking is determined by the content you’ve provided on your site and how the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google have indexed that information.

Of all the available ranking tools, Pro Rank Tracker is the most diverse and user friendly with the following advantages:

  • On-demand rank updates-plan your content based on results
  • Daily updates-track trending keywords for immediate Email and ad campaigns
  • Anytime/Anywhere availability-ideal for the business owner on the go.
  • Security and data privacy- protect your information and have worry-free usability

This tool, we’ve learned, has the most precise algorithm for tracking your online marketing.  Fluctuating results can help you hone in on your marketing strategy so you can target online users based on their actions.  Our fast-paced lives demand fast results.  As a business owner, your success online is determined by where you rank among your competition.  The higher your SERP rank, the more your click-through rate increases.  When your click-through rates increase, your sales and revenue increase.

Tracking your pages online helps you rein in the low-hanging fruit so you can maximize your business.  When you can see how you rank, you can make well-informed marketing decisions.

Pro Rank Tracker is scalable to any sized company.  Whether you are an international giant or a local small business, there is a package perfect for your needs.  Local business owners may prefer the basic free package that lets you track two URLs, 20 keyword search strings, and limited customizable terms.  Scale up in plans to track more pages and for a more concise account of where you rank.  For less than $20 per month you can see how all of your pages rank giving you the biggest return on your investment.

Benefit from this solution with the software’s immense coverage analyzing over 200 sites world-wide, maps and local pages.   See where your videos, e-commerce, solutions, and AdWords campaigns fall.

Your online success is measurable by where and how you rank.  Get the right tool for success by utilizing Pro Rank Tracker.

If you need help getting started or devising a strategy specific to your needs and goals, then give our professionals at John Potter Media a call.  We manage your online tools to help your website bring you the success you deserve.

Call John Potter Media to discuss how we can help you at 978-808-3428 or visit us on Facebook at   Tune in next week for part 6 in our series where we’ll look at Google AdWords and Keyword Planner.