Online Marketing Success – Step Four: Get a Google Search Console Account

This week in John Potter Media’s 10 part series for Online Marketing Success, we look at Step Four: Acquiring a Google Search Console account.  This step, along with parts 1 through 3 which you can view on our news page, will help you successfully market your company online.

With the installment of Step 4 in our series, we’ll discuss the various tools available to you and your business.

So, first things first:  What is the Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an online tool that allows you to monitor your website’s ranking and performance.  You can pull general or specified reports and manage your site users’ activities.

Formally named Google Webmaster Tools, the company rebranded the name as it was designed to help more than just webmasters.  Regardless of your title, the Search Console is user-friendly and a key asset to any business owner looking to market themselves online.

Keyword searches are one of the main ways your business gets found online.  At a basic level, Google Search Console lets you track those searches and helps you understand what your potential users are typing when looking for you.  The content you provide on your website helps Google tell online users whether or not you have what they are looking for.

For professionals with more webmaster experience, you can gain additional in-depth knowledge of your website and, therefore, design campaigns and content as a result of that information.

With a Google Search Console account, you can:

  • Manage your sitemap
  • Manage how Google web-crawlers interact with your content and site.
  • Check for page errors or coding errors on your site that limits your visibility.
  • Learn what, if any, new content added resulted in page errors.
  • Discover which keywords have been used to reach your website.
  • Determine the CTR, or click-through-rate, for your site
  • Take charge of how your website is displayed in the Google search results page.

In addition to these benefits, the Google Search Console will provide reports that will help you understand your online visibility and how people see you.  Likewise, important information like what kind of device your customers use to search will help you tailor a marketing plan that will attract sales.  From these results you can build an ad campaign based on solid facts and thus, grow your business and build revenue.

This solution has a multitude of functions that can be modified for your specific business.  Personalized reports are attainable through the Search Console and Webmaster Tools which will help you identify top keyword searches in your industry and allow you to customize affordable advertising solutions for your business.

If you own a business, you need to find the time to track your online presence and visibility.  When you use the Google Search Console, you’ll learn what keywords are trending so you can devise smart content that will reach those users.  Your conversion sales rate will increase resulting in an increase in profits.

If you don’t have the time, and most small business owners don’t, then call John Potter Media.  Our team can manage your Search Console, Webmaster Tools, and visibility to build solutions that drive optimized results.

Call us at 978-808-3428 to learn how we can help you attract your desired customers.  You can also visit our Facebook page at   Next week, we’ll take a look at the tracking tools used for search engine ranking.  See you then!