Online Marketing Success – Step Nine: Email Marketing for Your Business

Small Business Email Marketing continues our 10-part series of Online Marketing Success.  In this ninth step we’ll discuss how email can been helpful in marketing your business to past, present, and future clients.

An important tool for small businesses is email marketing.  It is a way to connect with old and new customers; even your current customers.  You can use it to reach out to online visitors who viewed your website as well as other connections you have made over the years.

The question most often asked regarding email marketing is: ‘How can I use email marketing for my business?’  The answer: The same way you use paper, radio, and television advertising, and social media.

Email lets you share specials and deals that you are running in your store.  You can send coupons out and offer discounts to featured products.  Use it to promote holiday specials or events, new products, or specialized services.

Gain respect and build your customer service reputation by using email as a follow up to a sale.  Ask customers to leave a Yelp or Facebook review, or send a thank you for their business.  Confirmation emails for products purchased online can be crafted to ask customers to share their experience or review with a friend to expand your market and increase sales.

Email is an effective communication tool to remind shoppers that they still have items in their online cart, to inform them of recalls, or to share shipping information.

With so many ways to use email, it is important recognize how small businesses can utilize it in order to maximize their sales regardless of the size of their marketing budget.  Here are just a few of the many reasons you should be using email marketing today:

  • An Email can be accessed most everywhere. Mobile devices allow users on the go to check email accounts and receive alerts.
  • Email is a quick method of reaching customers.
  • Email marketing is an inexpensive tool especially if you have the time to create the messages yourself.
  • An email can be personalized using insert functions available with most software programs.
  • Segmented emails can market your services and products to a specific audience.
  • Email is trackable and produces measurable results. You can view open rates and track responses allowing you to customize messages based on which ones produced better statistics and sales for your business.

One final word about email is that most people keep their same email address for years.  Social media apps and sites come and go, but the majority of consumers will keep their same address for years to come.  Build your brand awareness and increase your profits with a solid email marketing plan that your customers will appreciate.

For a professional email marketing plan that will market your business, while reaching your target audience, call John Potter Media at 978-808-3428.  You can also view our Facebook page at if you’d like to read the previous steps 1-8.  Finally, next week, we’ll conclude our Online Marketing series with our final step: review and evaluate your results.   See you then!