John Potter Media is launching a 10 part series geared toward successfully marketing your small business online.  Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll guide you through the steps that set you up for success.

The very first place to start is with a professionally designed website.  Even if you don’t follow the remaining 9 steps in the next few weeks, a professional site should be your foremost thought.  It is the first impression to your business and sets the tone for how you want to be viewed as a professional.


Consumers search for the services they need and the products they want by way of the internet and their handheld devices.  This means that your website needs to be accessible from every phone, computer, and tablet, and it needs to be easy to navigate.  Your website needs to be as professional as your business.  A professionally designed website helps you gain credibility online and gives consumers confidence in your service.  If your website looks good, your company will look good.

Customers are leery to trust these days due to the increasing amount of internet scammers.  When a consumer views a website that lacks professionalism, they automatically think it’s fraudulent.  Then, without giving your site a second glance, that consumer will move on to your competitor who does have a professionally designed site.  Why?  Credibility.

Another reason potential customers move on to the competitor’s website is because of navigation issues.  97% of online users use handheld devices to search for your business.  Your website must be mobile ready for a complete user experience.  Easy navigation makes finding your information simple for consumers.  The website needs to seamlessly work from phone to tablet to computer.

Let’s look at it another way.  Does your vehicle have your logo on it, or do client’s ride in your car?  Do you let a person get in your car or truck that is littered in fast food wrappers, loose papers, and trash?  No, you don’t.  You keep your car looking respectable as it portrays you and your business.  The same holds true for your website.  It needs to be polished and cared for, just like your car.

How about another example?  Let’s assume you have a brick and mortar store where you sell consumer products.  You keep your inventory fresh and your floors and windows clean.  You take care of your business because you care and you know a clean, organized store shows customers you are qualified to run your business and that they should take you seriously.   If you don’t refresh your stock with the current trends and you let dust and muck cover your store, you’ll soon be closing your doors with a ‘Going Out of Business’ sign.  Like your store, your website needs to look professional so you are seen as an expert in your field.  You will gain consumers’ trust and be viewed as an expert in your field.

The last point to be made regarding why you need a professionally designed website pertains to the search engines.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo require specific criteria in order to get ranked on their results pages.  Google, for instance, uses factors such as structure, backlinks, usability, and mobile-readiness in their algorithm to determine where your website ranks.

A Stanford University study regarding web design found that a company’s web design was more important to the consumers polled than the traditional indicators of credibility.  A privacy policy, certifications, and awards won took a back seat to how a business appears to them online.

With the majority of your customers online, you need a professionally designed website that works on every device, reflects the quality of your business, and proves your credibility as an expert in your industry.

Since 1997 John Potter Media has been building and designing professional websites.  We are experts in web development and design and dedicated to making your website look its best.

Call us today at 978-808-3428 to discuss how we can help you build a professionally designed website or visit our Facebook page at  Then, tune in next week when we discuss Google My Business Registration and targeting your local audience.