Online Marketing Success – Step Ten: Review & Evaluate Results

If you’ve been following our 10-part series, congratulations!  You’ve taken a positive step towards taking control of your marketing in order to promote your business.  Our series was designed to walk you through the basics, but for a more in depth approach or if you don’t have time to do steps 1-10 yourself, you can always turn to our team at John Potter Media.  In our final step, this week, we focus on reviewing and evaluating your results; the perfect way to wrap up our series.

Your online visibility and website ranking revolves around analytics. They are the foundation of how you will market your business online.  Because your success depends on these statistics, it is important to review and evaluate your analytic results every day.  Rapid results are a byproduct of our digital era making it easy for us to react and respond to any changes.  If you underestimate the importance of your analytic results, you’ll quickly see sales dwindle.  At the very least, a monthly review is necessary in order for your marketing plan to be effective.

Why is an analytic review important?
Businesses need analytics to understand what is going on with their business and industry.  The same is true for your website.  When you track trending data like page views, keyword searches, and site activity, you can use the data to make ongoing changes which optimize your website.

Analytics show you what pages within your site are most viewed as well as which of those aren’t viewed at all.  Changes can be made to less popular pages in order to build brand awareness and draw more visitors to your site.

Page ranking analytics in the search engines help you know what content needs to be updated and a keyword analysis lets you stay abreast of the search trends of your ideal customer.

A regular, monthly analytic review keeps you well-informed so you can make split-second decisions that will garner the most sales.  You’ll be able to adjust content, keywords, and patterns in order to get the most out of your online marketing budget.

Analytic tools give you a behind-the-scenes look to your online presence.  The tools answer questions like:

  • How do consumers find your website?
  • What do visitors do once they are on your site?
  • What kinds of visitors convert to customers?
  • What type of customer comes back to your site as a repeat buyer?

With social media and newsletters, you know how many people follow you or subscribe to your forum.  Google Analytics is the tool to learn the same information about your website visitors.

This information lets you maximize and control your online marketing efforts.  Direct your attention to improve ineffective marketing techniques or build on the programs that worked well for you in the past.  Drive more visitors to your site and increase your revenue with the best return on investment solutions for your business.

At John Potter Media, we are experts in differentiating the factors that demonstrate and determine the success of your online marketing strategy. Our professionals can help you create content that draws visitors to your website and encourages customer interaction. With various tools at our disposal, we’ll determine effective strategies while monitoring industry trends. A partnership with our marketing experts can help you create a winning strategy that will grow your business.

Call us today at John Potter Media to discuss how we can help you 978-808-3428 or like our Facebook page at We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and that it has helped you take control of your online marketing.  At any time, feel free to give us a call if we can be of assistance.