Online Marketing Success – Step Three: Installing Google Analytics

Welcome to part three in John Potter Media’s Online Marketing Success 10 Step Series.  This week, let’s take a look at Google Analytics.  If you’re new to the game of online marketing or if you would benefit from a refresher course, you can start at Step One: A Professional Designed Website.  Our goal of this series is to guide you through how to market your business online.

The best way to grow your online visibility is to first understand how people find your website and what they do once they are there.  Google Analytics provides statistical information regarding these actions.

Once you understand what goes on in your website, you can tailor your services and content to your target audience.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  The statistics give you a high-level look at the way people navigate your website.  Some of the answers you’ll get when you use Google Analytics are:

  • Which websites send their traffic to my site?
  • What marketing strategies drive traffic to my site?
  • How many people visit my site?
  • How much time do people spend on my site?
  • Where do my website visitors live?
  • Which pages are the most popular on my site?
  • Do I need to improve the speed of my site?
  • What content do people like on my site?

The statistics on Google Analytics are designed to be readable and understandable for everyone.  Google offers these measurable milestones as a free, easy-to-enroll solution so you can access the available tools to improve your website’s online performance.

One of the most powerful results of this tool is to let you view your customer segmentation.  That is, who searches for your site and why?  What do they hope to learn when they are there?  When you identify these factors, you can create specific content to attract new customers.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see how your online marketing activities work allowing you to create specialized Email campaigns, ad campaigns, and blog content to draw more visitors to your site, and therefore through your doors.

As a small business owner, you are likely in charge of your own marketing.  With Google Analytics, you’ll have the tools and resources to devise a marketing plan specific to your target customers.  The setup is easy, only requiring you to sign up, and then enter a string of code onto the pages you wish to analyze.  Once the code is added, data is gathered onto a dashboard so you can review your results.

Google Analytics is the solution for any small business owner looking to increase their sales and customer base.  You’ll be able to evaluate what is happening on your website so you can adjust your pages to engage more customers looking for your products and services.

Maximize your web traffic and user experience and watch your business grow.  For more information on how Google Analytics and John Potter Media can help you improve your website, give us a call at 978-808-3428.  Visit our Facebook page at for a recap of the series or to see next week’s step regarding Google’s Search Console.