Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats. One minute you might be in sales, another in customer service. Turn around and you find yourself being a janitor and an accountant and hiring manager too. If you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that sometimes a professional could do a better job. You may be great at designing software, grooming dogs, or running a stationery store, but there are probably jobs you have to tackle that aren’t really your area of expertise.

One area that many small business owners try to handle on their own is online marketing. It seems deceptively easy. It’s true that nearly anyone can create a website. There are lots of free tools available for that. You can take a couple of pictures of your product, storefront, or staff. You can upload your logo and paste in your contact information. But if you want your online marketing to be effective, you have to go a little farther.

Do you have the time to take professional quality photographs that illustrate what your company is all about? Can you source images and music, make sure you have the correct use rights, and attribute them properly every time you use them? Carelessness can result in lawsuits over mis-credited intellectual property.

Can you write regular content that is interesting and informative, bringing people back to your website whenever they have a questions? Can you come up with something to share on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? If your customers are using them, then your business needs to be there as well.

Can you create a website with images and headlines that really convey what your business is about without slowing down your page load times?

Can you create a usable online catalog with a user-friendly shopping cart and secure payment portal?

Do you have time to sit down and create dozens of form emails and responses to frequent questions? Can you manage to post regularly on the social media sites that your target audience is using, post several blog entries a week, and still have time to do whatever it is your business is supposed to do?

It’s true that anyone can create a website. However, not everyone can create a great website that will help your business thrive and grow. If your business is so busy that you really don’t need any more customers, then you probably don’t need any help. However, if you’re looking to grow and expand, then a professional marketing team like John Potter Media can help you. You can get the benefit of professional writers, website designers, graphic artists, and more without having to search them out.

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