Pay Per Click Advertising

  • They take advantage of existing demand. You aren’t paying for your ads to be shown to people with no interest. The people who see it are people searching for the products or services that you offer.
  • They are targeted. We can easily use demographics, geographic limits, specific keyword searches, and day/time specifications to get your website the most relevant traffic. Your ad won’t show to people outside of your service area or during hours when you are closed.
  • You only pay for relevant traffic. In old-fashioned advertisements, you pay for your ad to run regardless of who got to see it. When you run PPC ads, you only pay when people click.
  • They allow you to set any budget you like and change it at any time. It’s simple to monitor your advertising spending and set limits. When you’ve reached your budget for the month, your ads stop showing unless you raise your limits or the new month starts. There are no surprises coming in your inbox.
  1. Discovery – To know the best way to market your business, we have to know it inside and out. We look at your business model, your industry, and competitors. We thoroughly explore your website and talk to you about your plans and goals.
  2. Strategy – We create a comprehensive plan for your PPC advertising campaign. We define benchmarks for success, develop ad copy and targeting methodologies, and you set your marketing budget. In addition, we establish concrete and measurable standards to evaluate your ad campaign’s performance.
  3. Landing Page and Campaign Creation – Before launching your new ad campaign, we create a new landing page for your website or update your existing one to optimise ad effectiveness. We focus on strong calls to action, carefully track conversions to evaluate performance, and make sure that your website is functioning smoothly.
  4. Optimization – Throughout your advertising campaign we monitor performance and make adjustments as needed. We track keywords, conversion rates, and click throughs so that we can make quick changes and take advantage of both short and long term trends.
  5. Analysis and Reporting – Get regular reports of who is seeing your ad, what percentage is clicking through, and how many of those are converting into customers. You can track your progress towards various goals and make adjustments as needed to increase the visibility of high-performing ads, highlight different keywords, and tweak your targeting as needed.