Business owners know that the best way to increase sales and drive growth is to market their business.  However, deciding which method of marketing works best can be difficult at times.  Consumer need changes and what marketing plans may have worked last year to hit your sales goals, may not work this year.

At John Potter Media we have the tools and experience to analyze the trends in order to get your message across in the most effective manner.  We do this in the form of SEO content, email campaigns, online marketing, and online advertising.  We deploy social media messages and keep your brand fresh in your audience’s mind.

Yet, in addition to this, we also recognize the importance of print marketing.  Strategic planning and on-point messaging builds your brand and delivers your message with professionalism.  Our professional graphic design options boost your print message with expertise and clarity.

Take a moment to think about past events or upcoming dates where print marketing will benefit your business.  Here are just a few occasions where print material is effective:

  • Trade shows: Upcoming trade shows mean a chance to use flyers and brochures as marketing collateral to promote your business.
  • Holiday events: Business cards, yard signs, and banners help distinguish your services and products.
  • Upcoming sales: Send a postcard to your target market reminding customers of an upcoming sale or post flyers in target neighborhoods.
  • Re-openings: Expand your clientele with your relaunch.  Flyers, cards, logo designs, and yard signs promote your new image.
  • Appointments: Any leave-behind like a brochure, flyer, or business card reminds people of your company.  Postcards can address upcoming appointments or be used as a thank you.
  • Service calls: Industries like HVAC, electrical, carpentry and other contractor-type services can drive repeat business with printed stickers as a leave behind on homeowner’s household equipment.

The greatest part of our professionally designed print marketing material is that we can incorporate your message into your website for a true all-in-one solution.  Create a call to action on your print advertisement and ask consumers to engage on your website.  Reward visitors with additional discounts, and track website visitors with coupon codes marketed via print.

When you build the bridge between print marketing and online marketing, you’ll create a great user experience that will build brand awareness, engage with customers, and entice consumers to choose your business.  The result will be a unique solution specific to your business needs and goals.

Give us a call to discuss what print material we can design for you.  We can strategically build a print campaign and marketing plan that interacts with your website.

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