Why a Responsive Website Design is Important

A responsive website design is becoming more important the more people rely on using their smartphones and other devices to access the internet. What does being ‘responsive’ mean? A responsive web design allows web pages to appear correctly on any device without any rendering issues such as horizontal scrolling or the need to zoom to read text. The design ‘responds’ to the device viewing it. It’s an alternative to having a separate mobile design along with your standard desktop site.

A Responsive Website Design Improves SEO

Having a responsive web design increases your search rankings among the major search engines. Google considers a responsive design to be a best practice, and in fact has recently begun to penalize websites that don’t offer a mobile or responsive design by lowering their search rankings. Search engine visibility is a significant factor that influences how much traffic your website will receive.

Customers Are Shopping More on Mobile Devices

Increasingly, people are spending their time and their dollars on mobile devices, especially their phones. More users access the internet from mobile devices than laptops or personal computers, including to shop. Every year, eCommerce grows increasingly more popular. It’s critical for any business to not only have an online presence, but to make their website mobile-friendly.

Consider User Experience

As we’ve said above, customers depend on their mobile devices, so it is in your best interest to make your website as easy for them to access on their phones as possible. This is especially true if you plan on selling directly from your website. You want the process to be as smooth as possible, no matter what device your customer is using, which a responsive website design can accomplish for you. By focusing on making images, navigation, and content appear in an optimal way on many devices, you are optimizing your website with the quality of the user experience in mind.

One Website, Better Sharing

With only one version of your website instead of separate desktop and mobile versions, sharing becomes more productive and effective. Each like and share is worth more, and shares become more valuable over multiple devices because each device can see the content as it’s supposed to appear.

Managing One Site Is Easier

Managing one responsive site, instead of a desktop version and a mobile version, can make updating and managing more efficient and a better value for your time. Because the responsive design adapts to the needs of whomever is viewing the site, you can focus on content. Since the internet is leaning toward optimization for mobile devices, your website will be in a good position for growth.

A Responsive Website Design is Crucial for Your Website

A responsive design offers many benefits for your website, including better search engine rankings, an optimal customer experience, ease of updating and maintaining your website, and increased social media pull. Making your website mobile-friendly will only be more important in the years to come, so making the switch to a responsive design is your best bet going forward.

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