Review Results

At John Potter Media, we tell our clients that it’s important to review analytics everyday. They often ask us if it really changes that fast. It’s important not to underestimate how rapidly things can change in today’s world. Serious marketing professionals check the status of some parameters once a day, or even more often. A monthly Analytics check is really the minimum standard to run a marketing plan.

Analytics help businesses to understand what is going on with their website. By tracking trends about page views, searches, and visitor activity, you can make changes to optimize the usefulness of your site.

You can see which of your pages is the most popular. If people are spending a lot of time looking at one page, but very little on others, you can make some changes to make the less popular pages more appealing.

You can also look at your page rank results. Do you need to improve your standings? You can tweak your keywords, update your content, and increase your web presence to improve your rankings. You might want to look for some similar keywords that have less competition and consider refreshing the language in your content.

It’s important to check regularly, at least monthly. Trends can change fast, especially trends in keywords. You don’t want to be on the tail end of social media trends or you will miss out on the benefits. Using the Analytics tool lets you adjust the content on
your website, the keywords you are focusing on, and even your marketing partners to optimize your marketing budget.

It’s easy to see how many followers you have on social media sites or how many people have subscribed to your newsletter. However, if you want to find the information that really matters, you need to take advantage of the available tools. With
Analytics you can discover:

  • How people are finding your site
  • What they do once they arrive
  • Which visitors convert into customers
  • Who becomes a repeat customer

These are the things that you really need to know to maximize your marketing efforts. You can direct your attention in one of two directions. You might want to increase the things that are working well, or you may choose to look at what isn’t as effective and make some changes. Of course, most people want to do some of both and try to develop content that is all around effective. This the knowledge that Analytics gives you, you can do that.

At John Potter Media, we are experts in understanding the different factors that determine and demonstrate the success of an internet marketing strategy. Our team can help you to create content that draws people in and encourages interaction. We can use various tools to determine how effective different strategies are and monitor trends in your industry. A partnership with our experts can help you to develop a winning marketing strategy and grow your business.

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