Your online footprint is an extension of your marketing department.  Whether you are a large company with a physical marketing department, or you are a small to medium sized business with a few employees, your website tells potential customers a lot about you.

Large companies might seem to have it made because they can afford to run a marketing department whose job it is to promote their brand.  However, if it is not done correctly, even the big guys can see their market share slip as sales dip downward.

As a business owner you know why marketing is important.  It promotes your brand, your image, and your services or products.  With the ever increasing number of computers, tablets, and smart phones that the public uses these days, your online marketing strategy is just as important, if not more important, than bygone yellow page ads and flyers.

Now, just because you have a website set up doesn’t mean you’ll reap the benefits of online marketing.  The key to a successful online strategy is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, when done properly, will increase your rankings in the search pages.  When someone searches for your services, you want to be found.  You don’t want to be hiding back on page 5 where the average consumer won’t look.  So, how do you utilize SEO practices to get found online?

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords!  Search engines have complex algorithms that know when your content is not up to par.  Throwing in a few key search terms will not improve your rank.  However, if you work with an SEO team that can help you navigate through the top search queries, you can build content that reflects what people are looking for on the internet.
  2. Use Meta tags. Meta tags act as a guide to every page on your site.  Simple copy and pasting boring content doesn’t help your score when it comes to SEO.  If you do it right, you’ll help grow your wealth by increasing your visibility online as your ranking improves.
  3. Be available 24/7. Mobile searches exceed desktop searches now.  Think about it, most of us are always on the go.  We perform searches to locate a business or restaurant or while we are waiting in lines.  Make sure your website is mobile responsive so your website is easy to navigate no matter what device is being used.  Many people won’t have the patience to enlarge your non-responsive site and scroll back and forth to find the information they want so they’ll hop to the next site that they can navigate.

There are numerous other ways to implement SEO practices and techniques which is why you need a great SEO team at the forefront of your business.  Our SEO professionals at John Potter Media can expertly work with all sizes and types of business to improve your ranking.  As you rise up in the ranks, your website will get more visitors.  As your visitors increase, your conversion rates will increase.  Good SEO practices will bring more sales in online or through the door if you are a brick and mortar store.

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