Ever wonder how much traffic your website gets or how well your website is working for you and your business?  We know, by now, that more visitors to your website equals more qualified leads.  The more leads, the greater your sales conversion rate.  The more sales, the better your revenue flow.  Right?

So, how do you generate more traffic?  Getting found online is essential for businesses in this day and age.  With over 90% of potential customers searching the internet before ever making a phone call to your company, you need to be sure your website is visible.

The invention of the World Wide Web has changed the manner in which consumers do business.  They use it to research, gather information, shop, communicate, and explore.  But people are fickle.  The Internet has given us information at the touch of a button.  Customers want information and they want it fast.  Traditionally, if a consumer performs a search query, they’ll look at the first page and the top 10 ranked website results.  Is your company listed?

If your business is not listed, it’s time for a change.  At John Potter Media, we help you get found online.  The greatest benefit of the Internet is that it lets small business owners compete with large corporations.  With the right tools, keywords, and content, your website can rank in the top 10 search results on all of the major search engines.

Let’s look at how you can achieve a top ranking website:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Your website needs to be optimized for the search engines. Proper coding and keywords placed throughout your site will allow Google and the other search engines to index your content for relevant searches.
  2. First Impressions: Does your site look professional? This is the first glimpse into your business.  Users who aren’t impressed with your site will move on to the next site.  Appearance equals trustworthiness in the internet world.
  3. Build traffic: Search engines look for fresh content.  The more often you add content like blog articles, new pages, social media posts and updates, the more often the engines will crawl and index your website which moves your site up in the ranks.
  4. Have a call to action: Entice visitors to sign up for a newsletter, or offer discounts.  The longer a customer stays on your website, the hotter the lead.
  5. Make the most of your data: Nurture leads generated from email and newsletter signups, social media posts and online marketing.  Constant, but not annoying, chatter, so to speak, will keep your name fresh in consumers’ minds.
  6. Take advantage of the analytics of your site. This information tells a story in itself.  What additions to your site garnered more visitors? What days to people visit the site?  How long do people stay on your pages?  What searches did they perform to arrive at your website?

At John Potter Media, we take all put all these issues into play for a robust solution that brings in more visitors and generates more leads.  If you want to know how many visitors are on your site, or how to improve your search ranking, give us a call.  Grow your business and get found online!

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