SEO Services for Medford Businesses

“SEO” is a term that you might have heard before. This internet buzzword stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” a process that brings businesses clicks online through organic searches. What this means for your business could differ greatly from what it represents for another, though the goal is the same: to increase your business’ online presence.
Through the development of correct keywords, John Potter Media can get your business noticed through the Google Search Engine when Medford residents conduct a search for your services. This is different from Google AdWords, wherein you pay for every click that your advertisement receives.

The process of optimizing your business begins with defining the keywords that you want associated with it. We will research these keywords and phrases in order to figure out how effective they are, and what people are actually searching for. While you have probably given this some thought already, John Potter Media can uncover keywords that you probably wouldn’t have thought of and see how they compare to the ones that you are currently using.

The Process of Improving SEO

John Potter Media SEO ProcessAfter we have figured out the best keywords for your business web page, John Potter Media will then research your brand’s competitors in the Medford region. We will look at how they advertise, as well as their content and social media presence to see what makes them well-known and searched for. The techniques implemented by your competitors will give us a solid idea as to how we can improve upon your website’s SEO in a way that is effective for your area. By the time we’re done, people searching for your services in Medford will have a much easier time finding you!

The content that’s available on your website is critical in developing the strongest online presence possible. The written content doesn’t have to be Pulitzer Prize-winning, but it should be useful or at least interesting.

Additionally, this content should make use of the keywords that we’ll help you to define for your business. When proper keywords are used in excellent content your website will get more clicks and more customers.
John Potter Media will help create the kind of content that people will search for. With over two decades of experience helping businesses to increase their audiences, we can and will bring more local searches to your page.

Using Analytics to Improve SEO

Once your keywords have been defined and the website has gone live, you need to be able to track your site’s activity. How will you know if the SEO is working well if you have no means of keeping tabs on it? John Potter Media likes to treat the subject like a funnel by starting with the simple intention of getting more visitors to your site. From there, these visitors attracted to your page become leads, and then customers, and then finally promoters who sing the praises of your product or service.
Otherwise known as “inbound marketing,” this method has been very successful for many businesses in Medford and your business could be among them!
John Potter Media Inbound Marketing

Let John Potter Media Work for You!

While these techniques might seem new and even intimidating to you, rest assured that we have got a strong understanding of what it means to promote an your business online. With over twenty years of experience that we can put to work for you, you can trust our company to help your grow your business online. Call us today at 978-808-3428 or send us a message via our website’s contact form to set up a consultation.