Most customers don’t look past the first page of search results. If you aren’t on the first page, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. Our SEO process is designed to give you the best return on investment for your marketing budget.

Research and Discovery

We study your own business and website, top competitors, and your industry as a whole to determine what measures are most likely to be successful. We conduct a thorough SEO audit to establish a baseline for your current search rankings so it’s easy to measure changes. Our team researches different keywords based on top searches and your goals so that we can refine targets.

Develop a Strategy

Using the information gathered in step 1, we develop a plan that works with your budget and goals. We establish clearly defined and measureable goals and then develop a clear pathway to reach those results. After selecting the focus keywords, we create an optimized landing page for each. We ensure that on-page optimization & internal linking is designed to maximize rankings. We make changes to your website coding and content to make it search-engine friendly. We then develop a content strategy, determining the types of content that will provide the most benefit and creating a schedule to ensure regular updates. We use a combination of blogs, social media, press releases, content pages, and outreach campaigns to maximize your exposure.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key to search engine optimization today. Long gone are the days when low-quality content stuffed with keywords could drive a website to the first page. You need quality content that is informative and engaging to develop a web of linkbacks and connections. For an additional cost, we can provide public relations services using news outlets, press releases, and industry organizations to increase your exposure. Another option is to take advantage of our social media management services, which uses social media to connect with the public and encourage them to share and discuss content related to your business.

On-Site and Off-Site Optimization

The fourth step involves making detailed technical changes to your website’s coding. We might make changes to page elements such as canonical tags, meta data, no-follow links, and internal links. Site wide characteristics like a domain’s robots.txt file, sitemap, Google Analytics account, and the domain’s connected Google Webmaster Tools account may be updated as well. We will also develop backlinks to your website from around the internet. Backlinks from many different sources will develop more visibility for your website and help us get you ranked quicker.

Analysis and Reporting

We provide regular reports so that you always know how things are progressing. A monthly performance reports documents progress towards goals, looks at a variety of tracking measures, and enumerates tasks completed and those still in progress. A quarterly review includes all of that information but also looks at the larger picture of your overall marketing strategy. These allow us to adapt quickly to changes and trends to give you the best possible results.

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