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There are many different tasks involved in designing and implementing an internet marketing strategy. One of the most important functions is rank tracking. This lets you see how your website is ranking in search results. Changes in ranking can signal a need to adjust different things on your website or in your marketing strategy.

The professionals at John Potter Media have worked with countless different tools and programs. We have found that some are much better than their competition. One that we often work with is Out of all the different rank tracking software we have looked at, this delivers the best results. They have several distinct advantages:

  • The most accurate algorithm out of all the trackers we have tried
  • Provides daily updates as part of their standard package
  • Available on-demand updates
  • The web-based cloud service is ideal for busy business owners – you can check what’s going on from anywhere

Another benefit is their tight security system. You don’t have to be worried about search engines blocking your software or IP address, and there is no need to use a proxy server. There is also no risk to your website itself, and your data privacy is guaranteed.

Pro Rank Tracker has the depth of coverage that you need to keep an international mega-business competitive in the world marketplace. They analyze your rankings on 187 Google sites, with worldwide coverage including maps, local pages. They also include dozens of local Bing and Yahoo sites. In addition to the common search engines, you can track your presence on e-commerce sites like Amazon, see how your videos rank on video sites like YouTube, and analyze your standings on other websites like Lycos, Excite, AOL, and more. If you want to track your ranks in Google Maps, you can see where you stand in the A through G positions.

However, they also have excellent solutions for small businesses with small budgets. They offer a “Google Snack Pack” that looks at your 3 local Google listings as a basic package, which is perfect for many small businesses. You can customize your plan using country, city, language, and page parameters as well.

With all of the available features, you might expect a hefty price tag. However, Pro Rank Tracker has a free plan available for the budget conscious and new startups. Depending on your needs, you can spend anywhere from $0 to $1500 a month. The free plan is limited to 2 urls and 20 search terms, while the top tier package tracks unlimited urls and up to 100,000 search terms. For most small businesses, a free or moderately priced plan is more than sufficient.

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