Setup a Google Webmaster Account

A Google Webmaster account can be a powerful tool to help you manage your website. It comes with a variety of functions designed to boost your visibility on the internet. For many small businesses, it is a keystone of their internet marketing plans. In May of 2015, the Webmaster Account was rebranded and incorporated into the Google Search Console. This is a great free resource that allows you to analyze and maximize your website’s internet presence.

Originally known as the Google Webmaster Tools, the Google Search Console

has a variety of tools available for you to use. Some of the tools are great for beginners, while others are geared more towards professionals and require a good bit of knowledge and experience to get the most out of them. With the Google Webmaster Account, you can

● Submit and manage a sitemap
● View and manage crawl rate options about how your website interacts with GoogleBot
● Use a robots.txt file to check for pages that are blocking bots (potentially limiting your visibility in search results)
● List both external and internal pages linking to your website
● Discover which pages Googlebot failed to crawl properly and get a list of error codes
● See what keyword searches have been used to reach your site as well as click-through rates
● Set preferences that determine how your website name is displayed in search results (such as or just

You are also able to get a variety of reports that can help you see how you can improve your internet visibility. You can see how people are finding your page, such as which exact keywords or phrases they are searching, images they are clicking on, and more. You can see what type of device viewers are using, such as a computer, smartphone, or mobile tablet.

Some of the deeper functionality allows you to induvidualize what information you get. You can personalize which reports you receive as well as what kind of information is included. A skilled webmaster can use these tools to keep you in the top search results for your industry and carefully target your Adwords presence to maximize your rate of return for your advertising budget.

With all of this information, a dedicated webmaster can keep your website at the top of search results for your chosen keywords. These tools can help keep the keywords you are using fresh, tracking keyword trends and performance. Unfortunately, many business owners find that they don’t have the time to focus on their internet visibility. You probably have a long list of tasks that you need to focus on. It’s important as a business owner to delegate tasks to those with the time and ability to do them well. At John Potter Media, you have access to a team of experts that can design and manage your website to get you optimal results. We can come up with solutions that meet all of your goals while staying within a budget you can handle.

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