Internet marketing is a vital part of any company’s advertising strategy. Your potential customers are spending more and more time on the internet and social media. Today, most people take to the internet when it is time to make purchases. Whether it is through search engines or asking for recommendations on social media, people are doing much of their product and service research online.

Many small business owners are not using the internet effectively. Social media allows you to connect and build a relationship with your customers. A great website does more than provide information and maybe some online sales. Your web presence can give your business a personality that your customers value and trust.

Internet Marketing is Convenient

The internet gives you a way to be open for business even when you are not. Customers can see what products and services you offer, check out your frequently asked questions, and send you messages if they want more information. For your own convenience, you can use FAQs, online retail sales, and other features such as personalized emails to reduce your workload while increasing your interactions with customers.

Internet Marketing Extends Your Reach

Traditional marketing methods are fairly limited. Direct mail campaigns, local television and radio advertisements, and physical signage are only going to reach people in your area. They can also get very expensive, especially if you want to expand your target area. The internet is limitless in its reach. People worldwide can visit your website and make purchases. Unlike many traditional methods, your expenses don’t necessarily increase based on distance and size of audience.

Internet Marketing is Relatively Inexpensive

Online marketing techniques can be very cost effective. If your retail business is online, you don’t have to pay for a storefront or display stock. You can order product or materials as you need them, cutting down on both storage space and your financial investment. When using print materials such as for direct mail, you have to pay for paper and ink or printing costs. Many printed ads get thrown away without even being looked at. Online advertising is often priced per view or per click, so you aren’t paying for spots unless people are actually seeing them.

Internet Marketing is Easy to Personalize

With traditional marketing methods, every person who sees your advertisements sees the same thing. Your customers will feel more connected if they get a personalized experience every time. With online marketing, you can track customers’ purchasing history and offer them products and special deals that are likely to appeal to them. You can send “Thank You” messages and return customer coupons automatically. Your website can track product purchase information and recommend products to customers that reflect their interests based on their browsing and purchase history.

Internet Marketing Helps to Build Relationships

For your business to thrive, it is important to develop a relationship with your customers. In addition to returning for future purchases, they will recommend you to their friends. Follow up emails, special offers tailored to their interests and purchase history, and personal messages such as e-cards on their birthdays help keep you fresh in customers’ minds without being intrusive. Invitations to submit reviews on your own website or public ones such as Yelp! or similar ones are a great way to get publicity while letting customers know that you value their opinion.

Internet Marketing Takes Advantage of Social Media

To be successful, any marketing campaign needs to go where the people are. More and more, that is websites like Facebook and applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and others. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers. Whether you choose to use target ads, use social media to communicate with your customers, or encourage others to share and talk about your business, social media is a large part of the future of advertising.

For many small business owners, the world of online marketing is a mystery. Even if you use a lot of social media in your personal life, you may not know how to take advantage of it for your business. Thankfully, the experts at John Potter Media have the skills and experience to create an effective and affordable internet marketing strategy that is tailored to your unique needs. Call us at 978-808-3428 today to see how we can help you!