Six Internet Marketing Strategies That No New Business Can Ignore

Many small business owners underestimate what the internet can do to help them grow. The web has transformed marketing in many ways. Every single business owner has access to a global audience. There are more resources available than ever before, so why do so many small businesses still struggle to build a customer base?

In today’s competitive climate, a new business can’t compete with a good online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, when you’re struggling with a start-up company, the budget is tight. Many business owners think that internet marketing is a big-budget item that has to wait until they have established themselves. The reality is that online marketing can be inexpensive and a skilled marketing company like John Potter Media can help you develop an effective campaign on any budget.

If you’re serious about your new business, then you can’t afford to ignore these six basic internet marketing strategies.

  1. Branding – Before you can tell people what your company is all about, you have to figure it out for yourself. Why should someone choose you over a competitor? What makes you stand out? Branding is about more than just choosing a logo and catchy name. Find a non-profit or another business in your area to form a partnership with. Get involved in causes that are important to your customers and to you. Your brand is not what your company does, it is who you are.
  2. Content Marketing – Good content brings visitors to your website, and visitors turn into customers. There are lots of different types of content – blogs, apps, ebooks, or even physical giveaways that you ship. The goal is to get downloads and sign-ups that increase your exposure and eventually turn into purchases.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – SEO makes your website more visible in search engine results. If got a bad name a few years ago, because of keyword stuffing and other unethical practices. However, where you rank in search engine results is important. Our SEO practices are geared towards identifying the keywords that will give you the best bang for your buck. We then develop quality content that will build your ranking organically.
  4. Conversion Optimization – Getting people to visit your site is nice, but for your business to grow they need to become customers. Conversion rates matter, so we work to create more opportunities for a visitor to become a customer.
  5. Social Media Marketing – A good marketing strategy reaches the people where they are, and most of your customers are on social media. This is the way that you build a relationship with your customers. It’s not just about making the sale. It’s about making them care about your company and creating loyalty. Good content, an appealing brand, and regularly engaging with your audience will bring you customers consistently over time.
  6. Email Marketing – The best thing about email marketing for a new business is that the costs are almost nothing. While big companies might purchase email lists and spend big money on elaborate campaigns, we can help you craft an effective strategy using your existing customers and contacts. Over time you add more people using social media and other methods to find new subscribers. You can use email to send out special offers, inform people of important news and new products, thank them for their business, and much more. It’s one of the simplest and most effective tools in your toolbox.

You may have noticed one of the key benefits of these strategies: They all work together. Creating a great brand doesn’t matter if no one discovers it. Social media is meaningless if you’re uninteresting and don’t have good content to offer. Excellent content isn’t important if you aren’t sharing it using social media and email marketing. Compelling emails that make people want to make a purchase won’t make a difference if you aren’t developing a targeted mailing list using social media. A beautiful website won’t bring in business if it’s on the 12th page of search engine results.

The world of online marketing can be confusing for a new business owner. At John Potter Media, we have the skills and experience to develop a complete, effective internet marketing plan for your business. Your time is precious. Devote your efforts to the things that only you can do while we take care of your marketing strategy. Call us at 978-808-3428 today!