Social Media Success Through Facebook Advertising

Learning how to navigate and use Social Media to your business’s advantage may seem like a difficult or time-consuming job.  Let John Potter Media set you up for success so you can target the audience you want and grow your online footprint while increasing your sales.

Having a Facebook page for your business is similar to your company’s website.  It needs fresh content, it needs to reach your intended audience and it needs to produce an ROI that makes sense.  Small business owners who only set up their company page yet neglect to add engaging content or information will never see the true power Social Media has in today’s marketplace.

Your potential customers use Facebook, which means this is where you need to be.  Just one click of the ‘like’ button can exponentially increase your online visibility.  For this reason, you should be advertising through your page in order to gain the most visibility.  Paid Advertising isn’t just for the Internet anymore.  While still effective, you need to take into account how to use Social Media outlets like Facebook to your advantage.  We recently posted an article about the 5 reasons you should advertise on Facebook.  Today, we’ll expand on this and focus on target marketing.

Your Facebook advertising campaign is only successful if it reaches your intended audience.  The benefits of using this Social Media giant means:

  • You can select the specific country, state, and city in which your potential customers live.
  • Your business can be shared with Facebook users who have similar interests.
  • Control over who your audience is through your page.
  • Specific demographics can be targeted to include the best age range for your business, education level, male or female audiences or all of the above.
  • An increase in leads that are qualified as warm.

With Facebook Advertising you can set your daily budget and develop your campaign to work for you.  The fresh content will boost your online presence and target your intended audience members.  Additionally, you can easily adjust your target market based on the data you collect as you go.

At John Potter Media, we understand how much work it takes to run your own business.  If you don’t feel you have time to successfully set up and run an ad campaign then give our team a call.  We’ll manage your company’s social media accounts and Facebook ads so you can be sure you’re targeting the right people for your business.  Set your budget and let our team help you achieve your sales goal.

If you’re looking to grow your revenue through online resources, give us a call today.  Reach us at 978-808-3428 to discuss how we can help you or visit our Facebook page at