When you are starting a business there are many things on your check list to accomplish before opening your doors to the public.  The same holds true for your website.  For your brick and mortar office, you need supplies, phone lines, employees and a plan to build your business.  For your website, you also need a check list so you will be sure to draw visitors and grow your business.

At John Potter Media, we have a common check list that we share with all new business owners so they will be able to launch a successful website.

  1. Secure your domain name. You need a domain, or URL, that is easy to find.  Typically, a good domain name is ‘www.(thenameofyourbusiness).com.’  If you make it too difficult, then your customers will have trouble finding you.
  2. Present a professional website. A website is an extension of your marketing plan, just in a virtual environment.  It needs to reflect the level of professionalism you are attempting to achieve.  A shoddy looking website gives the impression that you don’t care; and what customer wants that kind of service?
  3. Register your business with all business pages and listings. A smart business owner understands the importance of getting found by potential customers.  Make sure you provide the right information like your address, business name, and phone number on each listing site.  Registering your business with Google My Business and Bing for Business is key for showing up on search engines.
  4. Create pages on Social Media. A presence on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is just as important as your own website.  These pages can exponentially increase visitors and draw customers to your business offerings.
  5. Promote your brand. You’ve established your business and built your website, now you need to promote your hard work.  Include your URL on all of your outgoing emails, business cards, signage, and brochures.  As a brand launch, you can also dive into Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, to call attention to your new business.

With over 90% of the U.S. population using their smart phones, tablets, and computers to find you, you’ll be sure to get found with these 5 steps.  Once you’ve established your company’s website, the next step is to keep it fresh and current.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play with this phase and offers your potential clients engaging content that draws them to your site.

Call John Potter Media to discuss your business, new or old.  Together we can develop a powerful online marketing experience for your visitors that will convert them to paying customers.  Call our office at 978-808-3428 to schedule an appointment or visit our Facebook page at   Make sure you get found online.