In the world of search engines and rankings one of the major factors that affect SEO is backlinks. We specifically take a closer look at Google because of their dominance when it comes to search engines. There are hundreds of factors used to rate websites, we will focus on inbound links and their importance.


Backlinking is a simple concept, you want other websites to link back to yours. In the eyes of Google this is a vote of trust, an endorsement that your website has some content of value to others. Over the years Google has changed the formula they use to rank sites numerous times, this is what experts call the algorithm. The one factor that has remained consistent is the value of backlinks.


One of the factors that has increased in importance over time is the quality of inbound links. Years ago when all this first started SEO experts would look for any kind of link back to their website. There were link exchanges, link farms, bookmarks, quality wasn’t as much as an issue compared to quantity, this has all changed now. The quality of inbound links plays a major role in the overall ranking of your website.

You can look at it this way, if the president of the United States were to endorse you for something compared to your neighbor, which endorsement would hold the most weight? The same applies when it comes to search rankings, one inbound link from a high ranked, relevant website can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of links from little obscure websites.


Google is well aware of link networks and spam tricks, they like to see what is called “Natural Link Attraction.” This is also know as velocity. When a website is new it’s natural that it may get a few inbound links here and there, but many times an over zealous owner will shoot hundreds, if not thousands of inbound links to their website. Instead of being rewarded for all that work the owner could be penalized and lose ranking.

There is no doubt that in the SEO world Backlinks are important, but as you have read the type of link and the system that you use to incorporate these links into your Search Engine Optimization planning is also equally important.