Use 5 Star Reviews as Content for Social Media

Online reviews contain valuable information that makes for great conversation starters. Small business owners who are looking for ways to get likes, comments, and shares use reviews to announce business plans and products or service features. It’s also a way to find followers by appreciating your best customers. Here are a few strategies for using five-star reviews as content for social media.

 Why Customer Promotion Is Smart Marketing

Nine-out-of-ten consumers start their purchasing decisions online. Reviews such as Google or Yelp help consumers narrow their choices down. By using your 5-star ratings to promote the best of your business is smart marketing. Social media platforms also have billions of marketplace users. Between the nearly three billion Facebook users and the 500 million Instagrammers, you have a wide range of platforms to cover different online reviews. You can also diversify your content to market to a specific demographic or age group. The better you understand customers, the stronger content will be.

Facebook is home to 90% of Millennials, 77% of Gen Xers, and 48% of Baby Boomers. Instagram is overwhelmingly the preferred platform for Millennials and Gen-Zs. By reading reviews and evaluating the rankings for location, age, or feedback, you can easily create the right content. Because social media pages are so popular, you can promote the five-star reviews while also delivering company-specific information about your customers’ experiences. Social media is also free marketing exposure, so with great reviews come new customers who will follow your branding online.

By sharing authentic reviews, it also instills trustworthiness in your brand. Most consumers believe that a company is trustworthy if ten or more reviews are positive. For every 5-star review you share, the more likely you will attract like-minded consumers that boost sales leads and revenue. Here are a few smart ways to incorporate online reviews as a way to promote your business on social media.

5-Star Review Promotion Ideas

It’s important to monitor online reviews from sites like Yelp, Google My Business, or Facebook. It will diversify your customer base significantly. You can also create bulk content for multiple social media platforms. Using a social media calendar or project management software will help you. When creating new content, try these simple ideas to attract your customer’s attention.

  • Create A Clear & Relevant Message About Reviews

Always start messages by thanking your customers for their reviews. You can either quote the entire message or choose snippets of a review to focus on the main points. You can also share the link to the review platform site in case customers want to learn more.

  • Differentiate Social Media Marketing By Creating Text & Visual Content

Balancing your social media strategy with the right content is important. You will want to avoid bragging about reviews but rather choosing to share a few of them to thank your patrons as well as those that have a similar topic as the marketing message you want to share with your followers.

  • Comment & Share Online Social Media Reviews

Social media platforms have a lot of useful features for small business creativity, so why not comment and share reviews by using text, images, and video?  The idea is to get comments and shares, so the more you tag customers, the more their followers will engage with your posts. With the right concept, you will also gain more followers.

Sharing reviews and feedback can really help to boost your social media following, brand image, and engagement levels. To learn more about how we can help you strategize to achieve these goals, call us at 978-808-3428 or visit our Facebook page at