Today 70% of people search products and services before they call a company to buy. They research the specifications, variables and most importantly the price. Has your company addressed this major change in the way people buy things? Are you still counting on Advertising and Cold Calls to generate new leads, prospects and sales? The market has changed and so should your business if you want to be successful and grow.

Figuring out what the online sales process should look like for your company is tough. There is no shortage of diagrams, methodologies, or experts with opinions on exactly how you should be doing things. At Potter Media we have the experience and know how to provide you the best web design Boston has to offer.  Our web design and online marketing plans will help you get more qualified leads that are searching for your product or service.

A good web design can help build trust and recognition with potential customers but its proper online marketing and SEO that will let them find you. There is no sense in having a beautiful web design if no one ever finds it online.

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Potter Media is an award-winning web design, web development and small business marketing firm that creates exceptional websites and online marketing for many industries including education, technology, healthcare, emergency service, plumbing, electrician, contractor, legal, non profits, service industry and others.