What Makes Internet Marketing Work

Business owners sometimes ask, “Why is online marketing such a big deal? What makes it work so well?” The experts at John Potter Media have been working on internet marketing since it was a new concept, so we know what makes it such an important part of your business practice.

Internet marketing is targeted.

Many marketing strategies have to appeal to a wide, varied audience. In the past, that was the only way, because there were relatively few ways to narrow down your target. Specialty products were limited to advertising in a few professional journals or hobby magazines. That is one of the reasons that a start-up had such a low chance of long-term success. Today, however, the internet makes it both easy and inexpensive to carefully select who will see your ads. You can focus your advertising budget where it will reach the people most likely to become customers, so you aren’t wasting your time and money.

You probably know who your main target audience is, but do you know how to reach them online? We will analyze your audience for a variety of factors that will affect how we design your advertising as well as where and when you place it:

  • Search terms they use to find similar businesses
  • Websites they use regularly
  • The days and times they are active online
  • What devices they use to access the internet

Internet marketing is engaging.

We forget a dull and lifeless advertisement as soon as we see the next one. There is a certain fast food chicken restaurant in the Southeast who have managed not only to draw in customers with silly cow ads, but to sell plush cows, calendars, mugs, and other merchandise. People are actually paying money to own an advertisement because it’s engaging.

Internet marketing is easy.

Online marketing is easy for the customer. Flashy graphics and loud music might get attention, but that doesn’t matter if the website takes forever to load. Likewise, if your ad is so cluttered people can’t figure out where to look, then they won’t. A simple click should take them where they need to go, and your website needs to be intuitive and simple to navigate.

It’s also easy for the business. We have a wide range of tools available to track the effectiveness of your ads and fine-tune your marketing plan. As much as possible, we make sure tasks are integrated and automated to save you time and worry.

Internet marketing is current.

Trends can change overnight. A website or keyword might be hot today, but next week it may have vanished. Social media and the online world move fast, and so do we. We make sure your ads are targeted to the most effective keywords and search terms and placed on the best websites. It’s our job to keep up with these trends and changes so you don’t have to.

Is it time for your business to embrace internet marketing? Let John Potter Media bring you into the modern age. Call 978-808-3428 today!