What Should My Website Include

If you are looking to develop a new business website or re-vamping your current one, then you have a wonderful opportunity to think about what kind of content and features will benefit you the most. A lot of business owners don’t know much about website design and functions. These are some of the more common features and functions of a website, along with how they might benefit your business.

About Us/Me Page – This page is where you introduce you and your business to site visitors. For some industries that rely heavily on personal contact, this may be your most important page. Your customers come here to see that you have the skills and experience to do the jobs and that you are trustworthy.

  • Founders/Owners
  • Education and experience
  • Company history
  • Industry certifications and licenses
  • Important professional memberships and associations

Services Offered – Here you are letting your customers know what kind of services you offer, if any. For some businesses, they have many different pages describing their various services. For others, a simple service menu is sufficient.

  • List of services
  • Prices

Product Catalog – If you offer products for sale, some kind of online catalog is very important. Even if you don’t make online sales, your potential customers can see what your products are, or at least a reasonable sampling of them.

  • Product descriptions and specifications
  • Prices and ordering information
  • Images

Shopping Cart – If you want to make online sales then you almost have to have a shopping cart system. There are some businesses with a lot of customization where a contact form might be a better choice.

  • Online purchases
  • Reservations

Payment Portal – A good payment portal offers a reliable and secure way to accept payments from clients. It’s important to know what types of payments your customers most often use. You can save money by using a portal that only takes the major cards or just uses PayPal or a similar services, but you risk losing clients who don’t use those methods.

Contact Us – If people have questions or want to do business with you, you need to let them know how to do it.

  • Contact names
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Facebook or other social media pages

Map or directions – If you have a physical location, especially if it’s in a confusing or rapidly changing area, then this can be a very important section.

  • Written out from one or more landmarks or major roads
  • Links to maps

News and Info – Many businesses want to be the place their customers go for answers about their product. If they are going somewhere else, then that might easily become where they make their next purchase. Providing news and information about your product or industry that people might find interesting can be a good way to build a relationship with visitors.

  • Company news
  • Industry news
  • Links to other useful websites
  • Information about your products or services

New Products or Services – Let people know what’s coming soon.

Blog Entries – This is a great way to build relationship with customers. You can share seasonal changes that are coming, information about the company like an upcoming office renovation or anything at all.

  • Seasonal Topics
  • Can be incorporated with company news and info

Special Offers, Coupons, or Deals

Employee News – In some industries, customers interact with your team frequently and really develop a relationship. Getting to know your employees can help keep customers loyal. It’s also a great way to show that your staff gets ongoing training and updates their skills.

  • New certifications and training
  • Family news
  • Promotions and new hires
  • Retirees

Community Interactions – If your business is involved in local community activities, like music festivals, town holiday parades, and charity collection drives, share it on your website. People like to do business with a company that they feel is invested in the community.

  • Local charity fundraisers
  • Community involvement

Product Reviews – Many customers like to see product reviews before buying something new.

Customer Testimonials – If you offer services, let potential customers hear how pleased your past ones were.

These are only some of the different aspects that your website might include. A skilled web designer can help you to determine the types of content that will be most beneficial to your business. They can walk you through the process and develop a website that will be more than an advertisement. It can be a business tool that allows you to succeed in a way you never imagined.

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