Why Google is the Best Place for Online Reviews

Did you know that Google performs almost six billion searches every day? For a local small business, this type of platform’s online reviews can help you find new customers and gain sales leads. On average, Google My business has just 39 reviews, so there’s lots of room to leverage online reviews. Google’s reputation also boosts a small business’s trustworthiness online. Google also uses the same local SEO strategy as its search engine results page algorithm, so you’ll easily be able to find the top-ranking keywords that affect your local business rather than competing with national brands.

Benefit Of Google Reviews

  • Google reviews allow its users to post honest reviews and feedback about a company. It also uses automated spam detection software to find and remove fake or misleading reviews. This allows consumers to trust the process more than with other third-party review sites that lack this type of oversight.
  • Users can also find a company’s ratings and online reviews by simply performing a Google search. Because the ratings show up in SERPs, local small businesses are mindful of their customers’ needs. They know they have the ultimate say with reviews in how well business owners serve the needs of their clients.
  • The reviews also serve as a way for small businesses to compete with corporations who are paying top-dollar for Google Ads to rank on the top page. Small businesses can also leverage their reputations as a way to make up for budget shortcomings or no funding for expensive marketing campaigns.

Top 3 Benefits Of Online Reviews

  1. Brand Authenticity & Credibility

With all the similarities of local businesses online, online reviews help you stand out from your competition.  They also authenticate your business through your customers’ experiences, which in turn provides a level of credibility to those searching for your product or service. As so many consumers rely on online reviews, the information about your small business is posted in real-time. Google is everywhere, so it is also where you want your business to be when it comes to leveraging your reputation based on the Google reviews and rankings you get.

  1. Local SEO Leads To Business Exposure

Google reviews help customers find new small businesses every day, but because its algorithm is complicated, it isn’t always easy to identify the things you need to rank. Using local SEO is the best solution as you are using the same language as customers to communicate online. It’s helpful to learn about Google’s use of review signals as it drives rankings. Using review signals like review diversity, third-party authority, quality, and quantity are fundamental elements your small business can use to gain exposure and build your brand with Google users.

  1. Google Reviews Improves CTR & Conversion Rates

When it comes to using Google to promote online reviews, your focus as a small business owner should always be on marketing goals such as improving your click-through-rate (CTR) or conversion rate. As Google’s algorithm depends on reviews, it can boost your overall profit.

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